Digital Talk

On April 14, 2023 (1st of Baishak 2080), The Nepal Internet Foundation launched the "Digital Talk" podcast with the goal of addressing the Digital Nepal Framework. This is a big undertaking, supported by the Digital Nepal Framework, a plan detailing the government's goals for enhancing the country's digital capabilities. The podcast will contain conversations with experts and multi-stakeholders from a variety of sectors, including technology, business/private, civil society and government. The goals are to provide information about the Digital Nepal Framework and to consider ways to speed up its implementation.

In 2018, the Digital Nepal Framework was unveiled, outlining a vision for a technologically advanced Nepal. It entails a variety of tasks, including building digital infrastructure, promoting digital literacy and skills, encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation, and developing platforms for e-governance. The fundamental objective of the Digital Nepal Framework is to strengthen the country's digital connectedness, particularly in rural areas. This will help close the digital divide and ensure that everyone can benefit from the digital economy. 

Topic (Based on Digital Nepal Framework)

  1. Digital Foundation

  2. Agriculture

  3. Health

  4. Education 

  5. Energy 

  6. Tourism

  7. Finance

  8. Urban Infrastructure

The podcast will be a helpful resource for people who wish to learn more about the Digital Nepal Framework and its potential effects on the country. It will also provide a platform for individuals to voice their ideas and take part in the development of the country's digital environment.

 The launch of the "Digital Talk" podcast by the Nepal Internet Foundation is a step in the right direction for the creation of the Digital Nepal Framework. By encouraging communication and collaboration among numerous stakeholders, the podcast can help hasten the implementation of this key effort and the country's digital transformation. The Digital Talk podcast can raise awareness of the benefits of Nepal's digital transition and spark interest in pressing problems related to that growth.

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